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What students and graduates from around the world have to say about our Services.


Madre Erielle KIBANGOUD

Hi, everyone! I am from Congo. I heard about C.A.S.A from some friends who were trying to help me when I told them that I wanted to pursue my studies in China. So I contacted the team C.A.S.A and they helped me to get an admission from one of China’s best schools. I can testify from my short experience with C.A.S.A that they really do their best to satisfy everyone, They will really help you to find the exact course or major you want and in a good school which fits with your budget, and most important they will give you some advice for your next move in China. I couldn’t expect more than what they have done for me, I am really grateful and I hope you will make the same choice as I did, you will choose C.A.S.A"


Red Erold Malonga Malanda

Hi, everyone! I am Erold Malonga, from the Republic of Congo. I came to China in 2017 as a student of Confucius language program. Once arrived in China, I studied as a Confucius language student in Jiangsu University. The program was for 6 months at Jiangsu University, and then we should get back to Congo. After the 4 months, I felt the need of staying and kept studying my Chinese language in China, but the only way to do that was to get back to Congo first and then apply for another university in China which should be so expensive for my parents. So, one day, I heard that there are agencies who could help me to get admission as a self-funding or scholarship student. I looked for, but I couldn’t find a trustworthy and cheap agency who could fits my budget. So one day, I heard about C.A.S.A from some friends who were trying to help me when I told them that I wanted a help in order not to get back to Congo with the Confucius team after the Confucius language program. So, they took me to CASA office which is a branch of a Chinese company called “Nanjing KIBB Business Consulting Co., Ltd.” I was amazed by their office arrangement and then realized that they have an international team for their customer service in order to communicate with customers in their native language. They offered me a coffee, a sit and then started listening to me carefully. Right after finishing explaining my case to them in French, they advised me to apply for a scholarship in one college in partnership with them“Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology” in the city of Xuzhou. They showed me the brochure of the university and then gave me all the details concerning their fees, the scholarship requirement and the university details. I went back to my dormitory at Jiangsu University, I contacted my parents, they paid the service fee after 4 days and then 3 weeks later, I successfully got the admission letter and Jw202(visa document) testifying that I successfully got the scholarship. That is how I stayed in China for 2 more years and finally got my HSK5 diploma in China. I really thank CASA for their good and professional service.