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1. Location Information
Continent: Country: Name of University: Province: City:
Asia China Beijing University of Technology China Beijing
2. Scholarship Information
Program Category: Teaching Lang: Scholarship Type: Tuition Fee: Hostel Fee:
Doctoral Degree English Full Scholarship plus Stipend Free Free
3. More Information
Study Duration: Scholarship Duration: Stipend: Start Date: Application Deadline:
4 years 4 years RMB3500
3. Major Or Programs
Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Software Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning (Urban and Rural Planning), Materials Science and Engineering, Resources, Environment and Circular Economy(Doctor of Economics), Physics(Doctor of Science), Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Optical Engineering, Optical Engineering (Doctor of Engineering), Mathematics (Doctor of Science), Statistics (Doctor of Science), Physics (Doctor of Science), Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Environmental Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering (Doctor of Management), Applied Economics.
4. Agency Fees
Deposit Payment After scholarship Total
$ 350 $ 600 $ 950
5. Extra Information
Nationality Restriction Other Information
Applicants should not be a registered student in Chinese universities at the time of application, but s/he may be a graduate from Chinese universities for more than one year. Applicant from non-native English speaking countries should submit one of the following English language certificate within the period of validity: IELTS ≥6.5/IBT≥ 90/TOEIC≥750). A CD of your own works Applicants for programs such as arts, architecture, urban planning must submit a CD of their own works to prove their competence in such field.