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Nanjing KIB-B Business Consulting Co., Ltd is a Business Empire which is present in education, energy, security etc. We expect to be the biggest business empire and build a one world family.

C.A.S.A(Central Agency for Scholarship and Admission) is part of NANJING KIB-B Business Consulting CO, LTD.( 南京可卜比商务咨询有限公司)

C.A.S.A is dedicated to serving the higher education community. We provide various types of services for foreign students having the desire to study in China and around the world. We have a highly motivated team to provide the best service for students coming from different countries. We work with many polytechnics and universities and have contracts for students to pursue their studies in good condition. We aim at building the world as one big family and help people about studies and pursuing their dreams. We promote schools, polytechnics and universities around the world.

Scholarship Services and Admission

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Scholarship Services

We partner with many Chinese polytechnics and universities that provide over 120 scholarships every year to our agency for international students. If you have a scholarship, means you have the opportunity to spend less money for your studies.
There are full and partial scholarships schemes. Full scholarship covers all tuition fee and can sometimes provide living allowance to the scholar. Partial scholarship doesn't cover the whole tuition fee.

Admission for self-supported students

With C.A.S.A you have more chances to get admitted in the best Chinese polytechnic and university concerning your major. You just need to tell us which major you have chosen and then we will get you an admission from the best polytechnic or university. Below is a synopsis of the financial requirements for self-supporting students.

“ The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think ”

What our happy students are saying!

Amsalu Walelign Asefa

Beyond words is my sincere gratitude to CASA. It offered the utmost in knowledge of scholarship issues and handling of individual preferences.

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I chose C.A.S.A because their agency fee fit my budget and they even gave me an additional discount off the balance. My confirmation documents and housing info was sent quickly...

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Khamroev Bakhromjon

Hello everybody, my name is Khamroev Bakhromjon, I am from Uzbekistan..

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