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You need to pay deposit USD $350.00

Beneficial information

Surname: Kibangoud Mboungou
Given (Or First Name):Eliade
Country: China
Province: JiangSu

You need to pay deposit USD $350.00

Beneficial information:

Bank : China Construction Bank
Account Number : 6236 6813 7000 4105 513
Account Name: ***GOUD

You need to pay deposit USD $350.00

Beneficial information

Bank & Address: Bank of America, N.A. New York (NY)
United State of America 222 Broadway.
Beneficial's A/C: 4830 5796 1324
Beneficial's Name: Carlos Pabon
Beneficial's Address: 418 Macon St Apt 1 Brooklyn NY 11233-1883
International Wires: Swift code: BOFAUS3N
Domestic Wires: ABA/ROUTING #0260095993

After you get Scholarship (REST AMOUNT)

Partial Scholarship USD $100.00
Full Scholarship USD $350.00
Full Scholarship plus Stipend USD $600.00


Step 1 Fill the online application form and submit
Step 2 After successfull submission of the form, come here (payment options) to choose your payment option and pay accordingly.
Step 3 Go to Confirm payment page, fill the form and submit with attached file
Step 4 Make sure to stay updated with your application status - Check your email and CASA -My Account regular

China Agency for Scholarship and Admission

Declaration of CASA Scholarship Refund Policy.

We CASA (南京可卜比商务咨询有限公司) are offering scholarship application service to students who want to apply for scholarships in China. In order to avoid casual applications and make sure we offer scholarship to those in need. Our charge of scholarship deposit fee is $350 (might be changed under different circumstances), if the scholarship application failed, the scholarship applicants who paid the deposit fee could choose to get refund of 70% of the deposit fee or get one more chance to apply for another scholarship with the same deposit fee. Note: People who have paid or signed contract with CASA before December 15th, 2018 will still follow the previous refund policy. (Some scholarships are non-refundable, please check the extra information on scholarship page carefully before you apply.) Applicants who cheat CASA on documents, information or failed to provide documents in time, or refuse to accept scholarship after got accepted by university, will not get refund. This declaration takes effect as from today, and we would like to bear all legal responsibilities if we failed to comply.

December 15th 2018
Founder and CEO